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Sinus Lift


Also known as a sinus graft, sinus augmentation or just “sinus procedure,” the goal is to increase the amount of bone in the upper jaw in preparation for future dental implants. The sinus is an air filled cavity surrounded by a thin layer of tissue called the Schneiderian Membrane.

A sinus lift is performed when the floor of the sinus is too close to an area where the implants are to be placed. The sinus may have become “low” due to long-term tooth loss without the required treatment, periodontal disease, or trauma.

There are a variety of techniques to enter the sinus cavity and elevate the membrane to enable implant placement.  These methods may involve the use of bone grafts and barrier membranes.  The major 2 techniques are:

Lateral Approach


The sinus in entered from the side of the jaw, where a window is created and the membrane surrounding the sinus cavity is elevated and particulate bone is placed underneath it.  A waiting period of 9 months is required for complete bone maturation before implant placement.

Osteotome Technique


This technique is used when patients have at least 5 to 6mm of bone remaining between the ridge crest and the sinus floor.  The implant site is prepared, then bone graft material is placed via a carrier to cushion the force applied by the osteotome.  The hydraulic pressure of the graft material raises the floor of the sinus to the desired length.  The implant is placed in the same visit.

The benefit of this technique is that it provide an immediate implant, avoiding the 9 month waiting period required by the Lateral Approach.

Clinical Example

Patient presented with missing #2 & # 3 with very low sinus. Sinus lift was perfomed. More than 15 mm of bone height augmentation was achieved. 9 months after, implants #2 & #3 were placed followed by abutment and crown 3 months later. Patient is very happy and satisfied with the result.