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Periodontal Non Surgical Treatment


In less severe cases of periodontal disease, there are a range of non-surgical techniques that may be employed to restore gum health:

Scaling and Root Planing


Also referred to as deep cleaning, this procedure cleans your teeth above and below the gum line, removing accumulated plaque, tartar, bacteria, and other irritants.  This allows your gums to begin healing on their own and reduces the pocket size between the teeth and gums.  This procedure goes deeper than a regular dental cleaning, so you are given a local anesthetic to minimize any discomfort.

Local Delivery of Antimicrobial Agent (Arestin)

Arestin DiagramDepending on the severity of any infection, we may recommend an antibiotic adjunct such as Arestin after a scaling and root planing procedure.  These antimicrobial substances migrate to the roots of your teeth and are released over time, providing continuing protection against bacteria.

We typically recommend Arestin, a powdered, locally administered antibiotic that we place directly in infected areas or pockets in your gums using a special plastic applicator.  Arestin is proven to:

  • Reduce pocket depth compared with Scaling and Root Planing alone
  • Antibiotic is released over time, killing bacteria that cause gum disease

Maintenance and Followup

Generally we recommend that patients receive maintenance recall visits on a regular schedule.  These recall visits typically alternate between us and your general dental practitioner.

  • Every 3 months for cases where there is a significant history of, or ongoing periodontal disease, or another health condition that increases your risk, such as uncontrolled diabetes, etc.
  • Every 6 months otherwise.